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Therapeutic Music Brings Joy

  • Musical Entertainment – Joy plays guitar, piano and sings for the residents. She makes it a point to learn residents’ favorite songs. On days when she is not here, we book entertainment from the surrounding communities. We have many diverse and talented musicians who come and entertain our residents.
  • Sing Along – Using familiar songs, stimulates the memory and cognition.
  • Name That Tune – familiar songs insure success, stimulates memory and cognition, and promotes socialization.
  • Instrument Playing – Joy has a wide variety of rhythm instruments, drums, bells, simple tonal instruments – making sure complementary notes are given to the residents if it’s a tonal instrument, like bells, so that when they play along with Joy it sounds good – great for socialization and self-esteem building.
  • Music Trivia – Joy has a music trivia ball that has questions about music and songs. When a famous musician or singer from their era has a birthday, Joy shows concert clips, gives them fun facts about the person, and plays music from that person.
  • Individual Music – Joy encourages every resident she meets who has previously played music, to express their gifts. She will learn songs to accompany their singing, or harmonica playing, or whatever they can do.



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