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  • Reiki
    • Reiki, literally translated means “Universal Life Force” or “God Energy”. Reiki is similar to Healing Touch. The difference is that Reiki, which originated in Japan, uses a sacred attunement process to attune the Reiki practitioners to ancient Reiki Symbols, which allows them to become a “receptor” or conduit to channel the Reiki energy directly from the source, without depleting the personal energy of the practitioner.
    • Reiki can also be used from a distance, and can be used to change the energy in a person’s room. Through intent, the Reiki energy can be programmed to continue a specific length of time after the practitioner leaves the room. This is beneficial in hospice situations, especially when accompanied by especially composed Reiki music. The calming energy and music creates a soothing and nurturing energy, and the music masks any distracting environmental noises such as oxygen machines, or the noise of other residents. The family who sits bedside benefits from this calming therapy as well.
  • Sound Therapy
    • This innovative, yet ancient sound therapy involves the use of tuning forks, singing bowls and awakening bell which vibrate to specific frequencies, which align and entrain the body’s frequencies to balance the energy field. This sound therapy changes the vibration of any imbalances in the energy field and reintegrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.
    • This physiological results can be; calming of the nervous system, lowering the blood pressure, accelerated healing and reducing pain through the release of nitric oxide, the brain’s natural anti-inflammatory.
    • Individual and group Sound Therapy with the tuning forks and tuning bowls.
  • Polarity
    • Polarity Therapy combines the non-invasive healing art forms of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine, and other ancient health care therapies. Experts assert that Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive system that treats energy imbalances within the human energy field, taking into consideration the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and ether, and the yin and yang of internal organs and nutrition. Polarity uses a series of specific modalities which involve gentle hand placement, some acupressure and reflexology, and holding various meridian points on the body. As with the previously described therapies, Polarity also has been known to accelerate healing, relieve pain and balance the energy pathways of the body.
  • Aromatherapy
    • This is an area of holistic healing which uses highly concentrated plant extracts in various ways to stimulate physical, emotional, and energetic processes which can help people regain or maintain wholeness and balance. We use a variety of oils and lotions, scented with natural fragrances which have different effects, such as stimulating or calming.
    • These fragrances can be used in lotion, in a foot bath, or in a diffuser which puts the scent into the entire room. The use of these fragrances is an adjunct to other therapies such as massage, reflexology, and the use of the diffuser during healing energy sessions. This, combined with the use of recordings of therapeutic music, composed specifically for relaxation, uses healing tones and rhythms which help to balance the energy of the room, and the client. This adds to a complete holistic environment of energy healing.



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