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Empowering U

The Normandy Senior Living is proud to present Empowering U, a campus-wide health initiative to support a healthy lifestyle for residents and the local community. This initiative will incorporate a series of classes, educational panels and community events to educate and activate fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits to live a healthy, empowered life.

Please note: Modifications can be given in all classes so that all skill levels or those restricted to wheelchairs or cannot stand for long periods of time can participate too.

Current Empowering U Classes

Total Body Workout Sing-A-Long

This class is a combination of strength, mobility and cardiovascular exercises all while singing your favorite, nostalgic songs.  You not only yield the health benefits from exercise, but also the health benefits of singing, such as exercising the respiratory system. (Yes, there is a reason we simultaneously sing as we perform exercises besides the fact it’s fun!) This class is a great way to get both music and motion.

Seated Yoga Stretch

Low-impact, safe and gentle chair yoga stretching exercises, postures and breathing techniques give the benefits of traditional yoga all while staying seated.  Seated yoga stretches can improve flexibility, circulation and energy levels as well as relief from hypertension, anxiety and chronic arthritis pain on limbs and joints.

Brain and Body

This is one class you don’t want to miss! This class is not only great for fall prevention and improving balance, but incorporates exercises to improve posture, body alignment, memory, mindfulness, strength and flexibility.  Overall, this is a well-rounded class with a collective approach to strengthen both mind and body that everyone can benefit from.

About the Instructor

Melissa Renner runs some amazing exercise classes for residents of The Normandy! Owner of Active for Life, she has over a decade of fitness related experience working with an array of different populations.

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