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The Normandy Care Center is equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment designed to provide residents with the very best Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services. Our center includes a home-like setting where we help our residents enhance their abilities and achieve the greatest level of independence possible, so they can return home.

Our Rehabilitation Center includes a 3500 sq. ft. gym, state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment, outpatient access and a simulated home setting that includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry area. This area is used to assist residents with the independent skills needed to return home. Individualized programming includes, but is not limited to: fall prevention, pain management, wound care and dysphagia therapy.

Our Social Services department will assist you in developing a safe discharge plan upon admission to the Care Center, including the coordination of a home visit from our therapy department to provide a home safety evaluation. We will arrange for appropriate home health services to help in your transition. We will coordinate the delivery of any durable medical equipment ordered by your doctor, such as a walker, wheelchair, oxygen or other supplies.

Training Equipment
State-of-the-art Technology


Therapies Provided

Our rehabilitation staff fosters a coordinated team approach that includes our residents’ personal goals and facilitates their maximum recovery and abilities. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are provided in our rehabilitation center seven days a week. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy

  • Gait training
  • Balance and coordination activities
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Pain management
  • Traditional modalities
  • Home assessment
  • Outpatient therapy



Occupational Therapy

  • Bathing and Dressing Activities
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Self-feeding training
  • Seating, positioning and wheelchair mobility
  • Home assessment
  • Homemaking training
  • Splinting


Speech Therapy

  • Speech training
  • Dysphagia therapy (swallowing)
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Functional memory programs

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